Dog Toys

Guide to the Best Fun and Interactive Dog toys that help keep them occupied and entertained for hours. 

1. Kong Extreme Dog Toy - This dog toy is created for power chewing and is great for stuffing with peanut butter and kibbles. 

2. OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toy - This is a fascinating dog toy for our energetic and food driven pets. The IQ Treat ball is easy to clean and is a great treat dispenser puzzle toy.

3. KONG Air Dog Squeaker Ball - This is a popular dog toy that combines a tennis ball with a squeaker. The Kong Squeaker Ball comes in multiple sizes of medium, large and x-large. This toy is also very durable and a great buy. 

Things to consider before buying Dog toys

You should consider the size of the dog toy you buy based on your dog's size.  If the dog toy is too small it will increase the risk of choking. If the dog toy is too large your dog might lose interest in playing with it as it cannot get the toy into it's mouth. 

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