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Swag Bucks Search Rewards Internet Program – $13 Sign-Up Bonus

Swagbucks Review 2021 tips and tricks: 

Complete the To Do List Every Day

When you log into Swagbucks look on the left hand sidebar for your daily To Do list. Click on each of the items on the list and each link will take you directly to where you need to go to complete the task.

Most of these tasks can be completed in seconds and you’ll be awarded a bonus if you complete all of the tasks on your list each day.

Easy Ways To Earn SWAGBUCKS With Videos

Play Videos in the Background While You Work

You can earn up to 500 SB per day by watching videos. Search for the following apps and download them from the app store:

  • Swagbucks Watch (TV)
  • EntertaiNow

Easy Ways to Earn Swagbucks with Surveys and Games

Look under “Play” on the sidebar, scroll past the games that aren’t free, then choose “Swagasaurus Run”.  You get 2 SBs for every two games you play (which take about 30-60 seconds to play), and can earn up to 10 SB total per day.

What is a Swagbutton?

Swagbutton is a useful chrome extension. It gives you automatic cashback and coupon codes for online shopping. You also get an additonal 50SB bonus as a new user. 

Are there any unique ways of earning Swagbucks?

Swagbucks search is one of the unique ways to earn money with Swagbucks. You can maximize your earnings by finding Collector's bill promotions.

Moneymaker deals with Swagbucks

Check out these money maker deals with Swagbucks

Marley Spoon offer

SunBasket offer 

Interested in saving money while shopping?

Please head here for cash back from Rakuten for shopping at your favorite stores

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