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GoPuff Promotions: $10 off your first Gopuff order Use code GOKGV48XPX

Grocery delivery

GoPuff is now offering $10 in GoPuff credit.  

Update 10/20/2021 Gopuff credit is now $10 instead of $25

GoPuff is the first digital convenience retailer delivering thousands of items right to your door. So you don’t ever have to go out of your way for groceries, over-the-counter medicine, essentials and more.

Get fresh made pizza or groceries delivered right to your door real quick! Use code GOKGV48XPX

1). Download the Gopuff app.

2). Create an account with your phone number and email. Get $10 in goPuff credit by entering your phone number to register your claim. Enter the address to deliver to. It will tell you if we deliver to this address. 

3). Click on My Bag and enter the code: GOKGV48XPX for $10 GoPuff credit

4). Add items to your bag and spend your $10 credit! You may need a $5 minimum purchase (So $30 in cart to get $25 off)

5). Click checkout, and then continue to checkout.

6). It automatically marks it as Non-contact Delivery, so the driver partner will drop off your order without having to meet him / her if necessary. You can add instructions if necessary such as if you have a gate code to get to your area.

7). Add a payment method. Verify if the address is correct.

(Optional) you will see a FREE FAM / DELIVERY section at the top. If you want, you can click and get a 14 day trial of FAM for free delivery. You can cancel before the 14 days so you don't get charged. This is Optional!

8). Add your desired tip. You can click custom and enter any amount you wish.

9). Verify the order total. Delivery is $1.95 (or $0 if you have the free FAM trial). Then place order and claim your insane crazy good deal!

10). You will be notified by text message when your order has been delivered. It usually takes 20-40 minutes, however this promotion is so popular right now so many people are using it so don't be shocked if it takes about 1 hour before you get your order!

Limited time only. Ends soon! Once this offer ends, it will only be a $10 credit instead. Selection of items varies from location. 

Some important GoPuff details to keep in mind:

  • GoPuff offers 24 hour service in larger markets
  • GoPuff offers service until 4:30am in smaller markets
  • There’s a $9 minimum and a flat $1.95 delivery fee
  • GoPuff services over 100 cities nationwide

Interested in saving money while shopping?

Please head here for cash back from Rakuten

Free $50 cash signup bonus from M1 Finance!

M1 is giving away $50 free with only a $100 min deposit! This offer is to get $50 with a $100 deposit! Use this link today and get $50 when you open and fund a new account: M1 Finance

If you – like all of us did at one point! - have anxiety about starting investing, M1 Finance is an incredible choice. Create an account with M1 for the type of low-friction experience that will give you the confidence to keep investing.

With investing, sometimes just getting started is the hardest part - M1 finance solves that problem. Invest, borrow, and spend with one easy-to-use platform. M1 combines a free account, zero commissions and trading fees, easy-to-use defaults, and no minimum balance in a great robo-advisor which also allows you to override and customize investments where desired. It’s your money, intelligently invested the way you want, for free. Own stocks and ETFs, regardless of share price, with fractional shares. M1 Finance is a combination of a robo-advisor and a traditional brokerage, making diversification simpler. Over 35k 5 star reviews on the Google Play and App Store!

How do you collect your free $50?

  1. Sign up with referral link 
  2. Create an account and deposit $100 min (or $500 for an IRA)
  3. You will receive your $50 bonus within 7-14 days of your deposit. You must maintain your initial deposit in the account for 30 days.

If you open a taxable (non-retirement) account, then you must make a deposit of $100 or more to get $50 cash bonus. If you open an IRA account, then you must make a deposit of $500 or more to get the $50 cash bonus and open a taxable (non-retirement) account.

The initial deposit must remain in the account for 30 days to receive the bonus.

M1 Finance allows you to buy fractional shares as low as $1 on stocks and ETFs like TeslaCoinbaseAmazon, and Google with no trading/commission fees plus there are no monthly fees or account minimums. You can open a regular investment, IRA, and/or Roth IRA account plus your accounts are SIPC and FDIC insured!

Top Coupon sites for extreme couponing

These Coupon clipping services are among the best for grocery shopping discounts and extreme couponing. 

Coupon clipping websites clip, collect and organize coupons to provide customers with access to big savings on groceries and brand-name products.

When you search these coupon clipping websites, you will come across many product coupons that you might not receive in the mail or in the newspaper. You can then order your coupons for delivery by USPS. 

The fees for coupons can be anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar.

You can search these coupon clipping websites for discounts on the products that you want to purchase, and then order your coupons for delivery via mail.

You pay for the coupon clipping service with fees that range from 5 cents to 50 cents per coupon with an average price of about 10 cents per coupon.

Extreme Couponing -

Extreme Couponing is an American reality television show that is aired on TLC. Extreme Couponers are able to combine and use coupons effectively to maximize their savings. The show focuses on the amazing ways Extreme Couponers collect coupons and save on products that they use and enjoy.

You do not have to be an extreme couponer to use coupon clipping websites and services.

Best Coupon Clipping Websites

Our list contains some of the most visted coupon clipping services that provide customers with quick delivery of a variety of grocery store coupons.

1. The Coupon Marketplace

2. Jacks Cards and Coupons

Use these coupon clipping services to save extra money on your everyday grocery shopping. Keep checking our list for frequent updates. 

Do you know of any other reliable coupon clipping services? Please let us know in the comments below.

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